Cawston resident announces candidacy for Area “B”

Candidate for Area "B" declares nomination

  • Sep. 13, 2011 6:00 p.m.

Long time Cawston resident, Lee McFadyen, has announced that she will be running for the RDOS Area “B” director’s position.

Lee grew up on an orchard in Southern Australia, became a registered nurse in Melbourne then immigrated to Canada in 1967,  finally transplanting at Cawston in 1970.  Her roots have grown deep here as she raised her family while co managing at Mariposa Organic Farm.

Spending most of her life in a rural agricultural community where people are self sufficient, create much of their own fun and support each other in times of need, Lee values the lifestyle of this farming community.

Briefly put these are a few assets to this community Lee would strive to retain:

• Help the community protect the river to maintain water quality.  This also means curtailing the disposal of livestock beside or in the river.

• Take an objective look how air quality can be protected by eliminating the burning of toxic substances such as plastic, pesticides, rubber, and other prohibited materials.  This would not be meant to prevent the use of wood stoves, bonfires fueled by clean fuel, or wood burning that takes place when orchards are removed.  However, Janice Johnson a former RDOS employee implemented an excellent chipping program and this should be preserved and chipping encouraged.

•  Promote and support agriculture and recognize it as the number 1 ‘industry’ in the valley.  See the whole valley as an industrial park and the industry is agriculture.

• Continue the work of the Official Community Plan (OCP) to develop a plan that reflects the values of Cawston residents and this rural, agricultural community. The plan should provide a level of assurance that something inconsistent with the long-term plan will have a full public review and plan amendment before being allowed to proceed.

• Keep bylaws to a minimum

•  Represent Cawstonites at the Similkameen Valley Planning Society meetings.

• Keep in touch with Cawstonites and be available through the phone, meetings at Cawston hall, mail out and reports in the Keremeos Review

• Assist Cawstonites as the request or need arises

• Continue to support the Organic Farming Institute of B.C.

During her 42 years as a Cawston landowner and resident Lee has been actively involved in various community groups including being on the Parent Teachers Advisory committee at the Cawston School when her sons attended during the 1970’s, (Now PAC).  She was a founding member and first secretary of the Similkameen Okanagan Organic Producers Association and was Coordinator of Friends of the Similkameen (FOS) which led the fight to have toxic waste illegally dumped at the Dankoe mine site removed.  The group won this lengthy battle.  FOS then worked at protecting our air from a waste incinerator being installed at Princeton.  Currently Lee Coordinates the Cawston Christmas Bird count and sits on the Official Community Plan Advisory Committee.

Lee welcomes questions and suggestions and invites you to contact her at 250 499 5404.  Please leave a message if she does not answer and she will return your call in the evening.  She may also be emailed at:


– SUbmitted by Lee McFadyen