Candidates of BC Southern Interior

  • Apr. 5, 2011 4:00 p.m.
Shannon Lavell

Shannon Lavell

Shan Lavell, (RN BSN MA ) is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Masters’ in Counselling Psychology, from the University of Victoria.

She grew up in the Okanagan valley with a family active in local business and supportive of junior hockey. She is passionate about creating the conditions for growth for families and business.

Shan is best known for her collaborative work with multidisciplinary teams on complex and often crisis or conflict laden issues, including the social and economic needs of cancer patients and families from all over the BC Southern Interior, providing support for rural youth and families, and being a manager with Interior Health.

Shan has broad knowledge and teambuilding capacity to meet the diverse needs of BC Southern Interior constituents. Shan has met with every level of government on a variety of socio-economic issues: meeting the Minister of Health in Ottawa with a national coalition of cancer leaders, co-authoring a brief presented to the BC Legislature, and continued participation on a municipal “women and community advisory” committee.

She is committed to the federal Liberal Party of Canada’s responsible, compassionate and progressive government that cares for our families, invests in our future with bold environmental action, and demonstrates fiscal responsiblility.


Her areas of interest in national policy include  Aboriginal relations, the economic case for affordable Housing, a national Early Childhood Development and Child Care strategy, and ways we can create conditions for growth of  agriculture in Canada and the BC Southern Interior riding communities.