Building permits down sharply in Keremeos, council advised

July 15 regular meeting of Keremeos village council

Keremeos Village Council adopted its new parks regulation bylaw at the July 15 regular meeting of council.

Council also amended the village’s municipal ticket information bylaw at the meeting.

Council’s changes to the two sets of bylaws make it legal for the RCMP to enforce the village’s park bylaws. With more enforcement now possible, it is hoped that situations that make life unpleasant for those living near the village’s two parks can be better controlled.

Council also adopted the village’s Official Community Plan, a project that has been ongoing since November of 2011.

The upcoming Kars Under the “K” show sent council a letter requesting an annual sponsorship for one of the car show’s trophies, for $100, which council granted.

Friends of the Library asked council for the use of six village tables during their annual book sale, which takes place on August 3. Council agreed to their request.

The village released the results of the 2013 citizen’s survey. Chief Administrative Officer Laurie Taylor told council that response numbers declined this year over last, from a 29 per cent response rate to 23 per cent. She also noted that the response breakdown for what was possibly the most controversial question, regarding resident’s views on a national park in the region, was 58 respondents in favour with 57 against.

Staff also reported to council the second quarter bylaw enforcement statistics. As of June 30, the village had received a total of 29 complaints, a 59 per cent increase over the same period last year. Seventeen of those complaints involved property maintenance issues.

Staff also presented a rather dismal building inspection services report to council.Revenues from building inspection are down from 2012, while expenditures remain almost unchanged over last year.

Permit values declined 70 per cent in 2013 from 2012, with no new building permits issued. Repair and renovation permits are also down by 50 per cent


Councillor Jeremy Evans asked for an explanation regarding the  continuing high cost of building inspection service. CAO  Taylor replied that current staffing remains at two half days per week, down from two full days a year ago. She said that staff needed the current time to deal with inquiries and current levels of business. Council decided that consideration should be given to further cuts in the service during  2014 budget deliberations.


Revenues 2013 2012

Annual budget $20,000 $20,000

Actual as at June 30 $2,755.8 $5,093.63

Expenditures 2013 2012

Annual budget $25,830 $25,200


Actual as at June 30, 2013 $11,591.50 $12,338.50