Bottled water can be a pricey option

Water a costly substance when purchased in bottles

When it comes to the water you drink, there is a huge debate about the health benefits of bottled water over tap water. The advertising campaigns for many different brands of bottled water claim that their products are cleaner and safer than tap water due to their filtration processes or sources of ground water.

The research  into the differences between bottled water and tap water have led to some interesting results. First and foremost, product testing of Aquifina and Dasani found that the water in the bottles from certain American production plants was merely municipal tap water that had passed through an additional filtration process. This additional filtration had actually removed some of the minerals, such as calcium and fluoride, which provide additional health benefits.

Secondly, the plastic used to bottle the water is actually a source of potential contamination. When the plastic is exposed to heat or sunlight, it releases phthalate, a chemical that is known to be carcinogenic. Additionally, these bottles pile up in landfills and leach these chemicals into the soil, which can potentially contaminate the groundwater.  The bottling of this tap water allows the companies to inflate the price of water that costs less than one cent per gallon, to $8 a gallon (Which is almost twice the price of gas).

Sadly, these advertising and sales techniques have worked, as sales of bottled water in Canada have risen dramatically in the past decade, to an estimated 60 L per person. The truth of bottled water is that in 2010, Canadians spent $650 million for a product that is less safe and much more costly than the water provided from their tap. Tap water also doesn’t unnecessarily add to our growing landfills.