Board agrees to use Antenna siting protocol

Controversial proposed cellular tower for Hedley results in Directors Motion

Area “G” Director Angelique Wood presented a Director’s Motion to the regional district board on August 15 that will see directors adopt an antenna siting protocol throughout the regional district.

The motion  comes on the heels of controversial proposal in Hedley involving the placement of a Telus cellular tower on Scott Avenue  Hedley.

Wood told the board that she had been working with Telus to have some consideration of residents concerns over the placement of the tower in the community.

“They didn’t acknowledge any at all,” she told the board.

Wood said that the  Federation of Candian Municipalities  / Canadian Wireless Telecommunication (FCM / CWTA) Association Antenna System Siting Protocol  Template was, “a useful document for everyone to consider adopting.”

Seconded by Area “H” Director Brad Hope, the motion was approved by Area “C” Director Allan Patton who stated that he was “Entirely in favour.”

The board agreed, carrying the motion to adopt the protocol.


The Federation of Canadian Municipalities describes the CWTA/FCM Antenna System Siting Protocol Template as the result of a partnership between FCM and CWTA to find common sense solutions to the challenge of building Canada’s digital infrastructure in a timely manner while respecting local land-use preferences and community concerns.