Bike to work week challenge inspires RDOS employee to push the limits

Adam Cunningham wasn’t planning on biking to work for the 2011 Bike to Work Week. But when the City of Penticton challenged the RDOS to see who could get the highest participation rates, peer pressure (the good kind!) from fellow staff was more than he could resist. Adam, a Water Systems operatior at the RDOS, decided to ride from Keremeos into the RDOS office in Penticton on Thursday morning. He borrowed a bike and enlisted his triathlete girlfriend to accompany him. “My girlfriend and I broke up in Twin Lakes”, Adam joked. He said they had to switch bike saddles at that point; his girlfriend was used to sitting in a bike seat for extended periods of time, but not Adam. The GPS he used to track his journey registered 49 kilometers into the office. He says the highlight was the adrenalin rush when his borrowed bike developed a speed wobble while decending the hill from Twin Lakes to Highway 97.

Adam apologized for not stopping at the Celebration Station on his way in, “I couldn’t stop, I just had to get to the finish”, he laughed.