Be prepared for emergencies, have a plan

As part of Emergency Preparedness Week earlier this month, the Province wants to remind British Columbians about the importance of having a family emergency plan.

Having a plan to deal with emergencies can make a chaotic situation far less stressful and go a long way to ensuring your family’s safety.

Make sure your family members know what to do if separated:

* Identify a number of ways to contact each other – through another family member or a friend, for example.

* Arrange for a place to meet like a library or community centre.

* Be aware of your child’s school emergency protocol and designate a person who can pick them up from the school if you are unable.

* Make sure your children know basic information so they can identify themselves and they are aware of 9-1-1 or your local emergency number.

Make sure your family members know what to do if at home:

* Know which local radio station to listen to for information from authorities.

* Ensure they know the location and how to shut off your home’s water valve, electrical panel, gas valve and floor drain if they are advised to do so.


* Ensure they know the location of your emergency kit, first aid kitand fire extinguisher.