Bait program expands to trailers

Trailer thieves in B.C. might want to hit the trail now that  they are being targeted by police. The Bait Trailer was unveiled today  by Solicitor General Shirley Bond to kick off Auto Crime Enforcement  Month.

The province has seen an  unprecedented seven-consecutive-year drop in car thefts since 2003. This  is a 65 per cent decrease from 26,000 incidents in 2003 to 9,000 in  2010.


Last year auto theft in the province was down 22 per cent compared to  2009, and thefts from inside vehicles were down 15 per cent compared to  the year before – a 61 per cent drop since 2003. Despite the decrease  over seven years, trailer theft has remained constant, with about 500  trailers stolen every year in B.C. The new bait trailers can range from  recreational and camping-type trailers, to mobile cargo and utility  units.