Area G Director’s Report November 25, 2013

Trials and tribulations of a political conference; community combines to save a man's life in Hedley

  • Nov. 27, 2013 4:00 p.m.


Hedley Cemetery Society Inaugural meeting, Sept 28

Great strides are being made by the Hedley Cemetery Society, who have been lucky enough to get great support from our MLA Linda Larson.

MLA Larson has been able to convince the Ministry of Mines that it does not want to own a cemetery – and that some arrangement should be made to put the cemetery’s management in the control of the public who cares about it.

MLA Larson has been instrumental about getting Ministry of Community dollars through Minister Coralee Oakes, another significant accomplishment which will allow for the cemetery to get fixed up in a manner respectful of those interred there. The cemetery society can be pleased that their lobbying MLA Larson has been fruitful and helped the group to make great strides.

Many attendees of this September meeting have worked hard over the years to tend the graves, document the site, and attempt to jump the governmental hurdles that are now being overcome.

The irony of being accused of being a pig at the trough at UBCM

Funny thing about my week at UBCM in Vancouver. Not funny in that hah-hah way, but in that crazy way that can only happen when I’m doing my best to be mindful of the public dollar.

I pull into the hotel which has been booked for my stay, and upon check-in I discover that my parking rate will be $40 a day…with in and out privileges!

Since I have no plans to drive anywhere due to an intense, highly packed schedule,  I make time during the Monday morning “nutrition break” between the workshops I’m attending to hike up to the hotel, grab my car and re-park it on the downtown eastside in front of a friend’s studio.  I pray it will not get broken into during my stay, and head back to the conference, grabbing a sandwich at a deli since I’ve missed the free food at the convention.

At the convention’s end, I try to find my car keys, with the fob necessary to get into my car.  Can’t find them anywhere.  I have never in my life lost a set of car keys, and now, far from home and in the city, they are nowhere to be found. (This was on a Friday.)

Luckily I have the weekend to figure things out, a BCAA membership and a strong constitution.

By the time I have my car towed Monday morning, pay for the replacement key and deal with the aggravation of the event, I have saved taxpayer dollars on parking- at an expense of more than $300 to myself.

The Good Fortune provided by coming to a Community Event in Hedley

It was lucky for a Hedley resident that the Grey Cup finals brought together a number of people interested in watching the game together, sharing food and festivities. Thanks to the quick thinking and decisive actions of a nurse, emergency medical responder, first responder, and firefighters in Hedley, a resident who went into cardiac arrest was brought back to life and transported to Penticton Regional Hospital.

This same man donated a great large screen to the community club to watch this game, and was helpful all week in getting the hall ready for the event.

We are so thankful to the community club leadership for putting on this party, so that this happened while people who could help were nearby, and we are grateful to the skills and willingness to step up to the plate of all the individuals who helped during this critical time on Sunday night.

– Area “G” RDOS Director Angelique Wood