Again, thank you Keremeos Volunteer Fire Department

Again, thank you Keremeos Volunteer Fire Department

Amazingly, the Keremeos fire department roster is full after intense flooding and fire year

About a year ago the Review wrote a few stories about how the Keremeos Volunteer Fire Department needed more active members.

Jordy Bosscha told the Review last week that every locker in the department was currently being used – meaning the roster was full – “at the moment.”

Numbers of active members fluctuate as firefighters, like we all do, try to find balance with their commitment at the department their work, personal and family comitments and their health.

It’s amazing to hear the roster is full even after this challenging year that first started with flooding and then turned into a wildfire that threatened and made life tense in the communities in the Lower Similkameen for the latter part of the summer and into the fall. The department not only helped keep the community safe during those natural disasters but also continued to do their regular work – going to collisions, fighting structure fires, ding lift assists and a variety of other duties.

Under the intense pressure that those four or five months put on the department, members stayed the course, because that’s what firefighters do, and new people answered the call to get trained so they could help their friends and neighbours in times of trouble and strife.

People will talk about the spring and summer of 2018 for years to come.

The fast moving orange glow the night the fire came down the slope side behind Cawston and Chopaka will forever be burned into the memories of those who had their homes threatened or were there.

The weeks of smoke, and fire burning on the ‘K’ of our K-Mountain and along the side of the mountain seems so long ago, but also as if it was yesterday.

The recent appreciation dinner put on by service groups and individuals was an opportunity for those who wanted to show their appreciation to come together to say thank you and to raise a little money for the fireman’s club. In addition to fighting fires the firefighters also volunteer in the community to raise funds for things like bursaries they give out to graduating high school students and other club initiatives like fixing up the antique fire truck.

Although the message got across last Saturday night, we want to say it one more time here. Thank you to all the firefighters, their families and loved ones, We appreciate all you sacrifice and all you do to keep us safe.

– TB