Live wrestling is returning to Penticton on Jan. 28 and 29 when Okanagan-based promotion Thrash Wrestling takes the stage at the Luso Canadian Multicultural Society. (Facebook)

Thrash Wrestling makes anticipated return to Penticton

The Okanagan-based live wrestling will be in Penticton for a 2-night showcase Jan. 28 and 29

Live wrestling is coming back to Penticton this month.

There aren’t many other places in the world wrestling promoter Nick Szalanski would rather be than Penticton.

For the first time since the winter of 2020, Szalanski and his Thrash Wrestling are returning to the city for a two-night showcase on Jan. 28 and 29.

And even though Szalanski calls Vernon his home, coming back to Penticton makes him as excited as ever.

“I love Penticton,” he said. “It’s my second city. It’s such a cool town and I just feel welcome there. Going there with Thrash Wrestling has been a ball every time and I’m looking forward to another one later this month.”

Thrash Wrestling, which is an Okanagan-based independent promotion, has been entertaining Penticton wrestling fans since 2011. With just a little bit of everything from tag-team matches to tables and ladders during the main event, Szalanski’s event has been known in the local wrestling community as a show that brings people out of their seats.

“It’s the best action you’re going to get for your buck,” he stated. “We’ll probably pack the house both nights. There’s going to be a handful of people dying to see this because we haven’t been in Penticton for two years.”

Thrash Wrestling’s latest upcoming tour, officially titled A New Level, will happen at the Luso Canadians Multicultural Society on 135 Winnipeg Street when they come to the Peach City in late January.

The promotion’s late-January show in Penticton will feature a tag-team tournament. The various winners in the tournament will participate in the main event.

Aside from the tag-team tournament, veteran wrestler Black Dragon is set to battle rookie Justin Cider, also known as One Stiff Drink. The two wrestlers are set to hit the ring during Thrash’s second night in the city (Jan. 29).

It’s not just Thrash Wrestling, however, that is making a return to Penticton later this month. Hometown favourite KC Andrews is slated to battle Cope on the first night of the two.

Szalanski knows that live wrestling may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s something that he not only acknowledges but embraces at the same time.

“You either love it or you really don’t like it,” he said.

Thrash Wrestling’s A New Level costs $20 for one night and $30 for two. Tickets can be found at and at One Boardshop on 104-2210 Main St.

Buying tickets on the spot at the door will run people an extra $5, on top of their single-night ticket.

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