Similkameen resident Tom Isherwood of Olalla writes a poem


n a dark and wintry night, with a lonely star as my guiding light.

Such a short time ago , I had left my vehicle stuck in snow.

On each side of the forestry road, the eerie sounds made my heart grow cold.

I knew I could not stay with the car, but civilization was so far.

I plodded along and time went by, it was getting light and I wanted to cry.

The shrill distant bark of a dog came to my ears, and my cold hands wiped away the tears.

With urgency I forced my pace, I did not want to leave the human race.

I foraged on toward the sound where I prayed to God I would be found.

The snow stopped falling and the sun was high, I saw the dog, I would not die.

With tail wagging and eyes so soft, he guided me to sleep in a warm hay loft.


Then it was off again with the dog I called Love, sent to me by the Man above.