Vees visit SESS

Penticton Vees pay a visit to Similkameen Elementary Secondary School during literacy week

Members of the Penticton Vees hockey team paid a visit to Similkameen Elementary Secondary School on January 23 as part of Literacy Week events.

Led by team captain Troy Stetcher, five Vees descended on the school to read to the elementary classes prior to engaging the students in a game of floor hockey in the senior gym following the reading sessions.

Students had an opportunity to ask the hockey players questions about their training regimen, reading habits, and likes and dislikes.

“What’s your favourite hockey stick?”asked a grade six student of John Siemer.

“Bauer Nexus,” answered Siemer.

“Why not Vapor?” returned the student.

“I guess I’m not a Vapor guy,” Siemer responded.

Wade Murphy and Jordan McCallum also talked about winning the national junior championship last year.

“We got a big trophy, a ring, and some banners,” McCallum said of last year’s great season for the Vees.

“How do you balance school and hockey?” was a question put forward by one of the teachers, to which McCallum admitted it was “tough to do,” as hockey was pretty much their lives.


Troy Stetcher, Bryan Sinz, John Siemer, Wade Murphy and Jordan McCallum all participated in the visit on behalf of the Vees.