The Penticton Library and Museum and Archives. (Google maps photo)

The Penticton Library and Museum and Archives. (Google maps photo)

Trade food for fines at the Penticton Library this October

All of the food goes to Keep the Cold Off Penticton

Sometimes, it can be hard to put a good book down, or give it back, and through October the Penticton Public Library will be swapping food donations for fines.

The donations to the Food-For-Fines campaign support Keep the Cold Off Penticton with outreach as well as food hampers for seniors, families and individuals in need.

From Oct. 1st through 31st, as part of Canadian Library Month, library patrons can ‘pay’ their fines with food by bringing in commercially packaged, unexpired, non-perishable food items to the library.

One food item will equal $2 in fines and/or fees, and up to $50 of fines and/or fees per account can be cleared per person during the campaign. Charges for damaged or lost items are not eligible for this campaign.

“We are excited to offer the opportunity to celebrate Library Month in an impactful way – giving people the chance to clear lingering fines while also helping to get food and other essentials to those in need,” said Heather Buzzell, Penticton’s chief librarian. “We encourage everyone to get involved and pay it forward.”

For more information on the program, you can go to the Penticton Public Library website, or speak to a librarian in person.

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