Summer weather means increased traffic encounters between motorists and cyclists

Police would like to remind everyone that with nicer weather finally here, we can expect an increase in the number of cyclists on our roads.


Police would like to remind everyone that with nicer weather finally here, we can expect an increase in the number of cyclists we will be seeing on our roads.  Cyclists of all ages and experience have already started to train and we must all share our roads, taking into consideration the safety of everyone.

The rights and duties of cyclists are well described under Section 183 of the Motor Vehicle Act and specifies that a person operating a cycle on a highway has the same rights and duties as the driver of a vehicle.  Cyclists should also be reminded that they must not ride abreast of another person operating a cycle on the roadway and must operate a cycle with reasonable consideration for other persons using the highway.

Cyclists simply can’t ride safely on damaged or sandy shoulders and so motorists must be considerate of the space they need to practice their sport. On the same token, cyclists must also be aware of the risk associated with this activity and the proper use of hand signals to communicate and the wearing of high visibility clothing is paramount. Courtesy also goes a long way for everyone.

Motorists must also consider that cyclists are much more affected by road debris and conditions like wind, pebbles, sand, bumps and holes than vehicles are and it is important to remain considerate of the space they require to safely enjoy their sport.

I am always amazed at the number of complaints we receive from both cyclists and drivers about one another and patience and respect of one another is the key here and we are asking everyone’s support and attention to ensure our roads remain safe for everyone to enjoy.

This is a situation in which we must all coexist with one another and be respectful of other people’s rights.  Motorists are a lot safer in their vehicles so please remain patient and understanding and take the extra few minutes to enjoy this beautiful country while you wait for a safe place to pass if you have to.

We also encourage cyclists and motorists alike to report any incidents they feel should warrant police attention.

One close call has already been reported to police for which we are seeking public’s assistance in locating a certain vehicle who appears to have purposely tried to run or scare a cyclist off the road.

On the early morning of Friday June 21, a cyclist was traveling alone south of Yellow lake near Green Mountain road turn off on Highway 3 A when a large pick up truck came up alongside dangerously close to the cyclist and blew his horn, scaring the cyclist. There was plenty of room for the driver to go around and this action on the part of the driver was of ill intentions.

A few minutes later, near Olalla, the same vehicle now driving in the opposite direction crossed the median line and made a halfhearted attempt to head in the direction of the cyclist.

This vehicle was described as a larger pick up truck, possibly a dually, greenish in color with yellow lettering on the door and work material in the back.

Police will not be tolerating this type of behavior on our roads and every such complaint will be investigated and charges will be laid where it applies..

Let’s all be civil and share our roads safely this summer.