Scouts Adventure returning to Keremeos.

Rick is anxious to take Scouts Canada training and be a volunteer.


Rick Rutherford and Sara Dallas wanted their children to experience fun and adventure filled program so they recently contacted Scouts Canada and asked, “Why is there no scouting in Keremeos?”

They liked the response, “Would you like to start a scout group?”  So with help from Will Schulz, South Okanagan Area Commissioner (lead volunteer), and many others, they began the process for re-establishing scouting programs in Keremeos.

Rick is anxious to take Scouts Canada training and be a volunteer.  He draws on his experience supporting five day care centers for a number of years.  He is an avid camper and as a teenager enjoyed army cadets and went on to serve in the army reserve.  He is currently in school taking his Early Childhood Educator course.  His two sons, Daxton and Tiber,  ages nine and seven are of Cub Scout age.

Former Keremeos  scouting volunteer, Lillian Kyle had this to say about previous  adventures Keremeos scouting children and youth have experienced in years past.

“In the years my family was involved we did winter camps and all season camping.  When we had strong parent and community support we went to Alberta to the Tyrell museum and slept under the dinosaurs.  The children slept at science world and the planetarium. We travelled to Grand Coulee dam and then dug for fossils. We hiked, swam, built camp fires and survival shelters; done many crafts, parades, gone to the senior center and sang Christmas carols for them;  Made new friends; And had lots of fun.”

Fun and Adventure are big parts of the scouting experience and the Keremeos community will see this first hand at the Similkameen Sizzle Pepper Festival.

Rick and Sara will be on hand throughout the day helping staff the Scouts Adventure Log Bridge this Saturday at the festival, so children and youth can experience scouting fun and adventure for free. Some young people from the Scouts Canada 1st Summerland Venturer company (youth ages 14 to 17 ) have volunteered to help build the bridge and assist children at this activity center.

A Parent information meeting hosted by Rick and Sara will take place Tuesday, 23 Sept at Victory Hall starting at 6:30 p.m.  There will be a craft activity so children are welcome and a Scouts Canada representative will answer questions and describe the fun, adventure, and leadership opportunities for children and youth participating in scouting programs.

Rick can be reached by cell at 250 499 1415 or by email:



contributed by Warren Edis