Local emergency service set up to help should catastrophe strike

Volunteers needed for ESS group

In the event of a forest fire, mud slide, or flood, you might be told to evacuate your home.

Where would you go?

In reality, you would be told to go to the Reception Centre to register. By doing this your family members elsewhere might be able to contact you. This is also a safe place to wait if the evacuation is only temporary.

It’s recommended that you always keep a “grab and go” bag handy. Mine has a change of clothes, flashlight, radio and batteries, bottle of water, spare glasses, phone numbers, and change for a pay phone. Those who are on medications should keep a current list. Each persons’ bag would be personalized but basically your bag contains what you would pack for a weekend trip.

Finally, there is a meeting planned for Wednesday, September 7 at 6:30 p.m. at the Seniors Centre in Keremeos. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer come and find out more. ESS normally involves a few meetings in the fall and again in the spring. In addition, there are training days or evenings for those wanting to learn more about setting up and operating a reception centre. Every city and town is required to have an ESS as part of an emergency response team. It is  a provincial program.

In Keremeos ESS has existed for about 20 years and many volunteers have made their contribution. However, many have retired or moved away, leaving a shortage.

The resources are stored at a convenient location ready to be taken to the reception centre when instructed to open. Here in Keremeos and area the location is the high school gym.

To get there, park at the back, on the north side, and the entrance is on the east side of that wing. There will be signs showing the direction.

For more information call Grace at 250-499-5497.