The Village of Keremeos’ offices and council chamber. (Brennan Phillips - Keremeos Review)

The Village of Keremeos’ offices and council chamber. (Brennan Phillips - Keremeos Review)

Keremeos adds additional projects to proposed budget for 2020

Projects include replacing the auger at the wastewater treatment plant and accessibility improvements for the river walk.

The Village of Keremeos is adding some additional projects to this year’s planned capital budget for expenditures.

The budget is part of the 2020 village financial plan, which has not yet been approved and is expected to be ready for public review and input in April.

One of the high priority projects is replacing the auger drill at the wastewater treatment plant.

The existing drill, one of the critical parts of the plant, has cracked and is beginning to rust from the inside out. The drill can’t wait to be replaced by the planned upgrades to the treatment plant, as it is the part that moves the solid waste products, and without which the facility would shut down. The proposed estimate for the price for the new drill in the budget is $22,000.

Once the new drill is purchased and arrives, the plant will be offline for a few hours for the replacement to be installed. There will be no impact on the functioning of the sewer system during this time.

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Some of the other additional projects added to the budget include purchasing Christmas lights and upgrading the electrical system, and replacing the current access to the dike and the river walk at the end of 11th Ave. in order to bring it up to accessibility standards. The electrical upgrade and light purchase would cost an estimated $10,000, while the accessibility upgrade would cost $46,655, with $9,600 coming from the Village.

The access ramp project is planned to be funded through the Rural Dividend Fund, and the grant application is currently on hold following the freezing of the fund by the government in order to redirect money towards the timber industry.

A number of the proposed projects, including the Christmas lights and electrical upgrade, are multi-year proposals with regards to funding.

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