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Hundreds walk, run for Terry Fox in Kelowna

The event raised over $38,000

The 43rd annual Terry Fox Run saw about 300 people come out to Kelowna’s Stuart Park on Sept. 17.

Michael Humer organized the run this year and credits his career path to Fox.

Humer was 19 when Fox was running the marathon of hope. He followed the runner’s journey and went on to have a 28-year career as a surgeon for cancer patients.

Although Humer never had the chance to meet Fox before he passed, “I feel like I’ve known Terry Fox all my adult life. I would have loved to have met him and I would’ve been there if Terry had gotten to the West Coast, but unfortunately hi run stopped halfway across the country after more than 5,000 kilometres.”

Pat Munro and Wendy Wright participated in the event for the first time in many years.

“A young woman who we know, she’s 10 years old Maggie Bradshaw, is down in Vancouver with the same type of cancer that Terry Fox had,” Munro said.

Bradshaw lost her leg to cancer recently. Her story can be found on GoFundMe.

Munro and Wright know of Bradshaw through a cycling group they are in with her parents. The young Kelowna girl is expected to be fitted for a prosthetic in early 2024.

The Terry Fox Run in Kelowna reached its fundraising goal of $38,000.

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