Food bank fortunes turn around

Generous donations provide welcome relief to Cawston Food Bank

Ingrid Percival of the Cawston Food Bank

Ingrid Percival of the Cawston Food Bank




The Cawston Food Bank received a much needed shot in the arm last week as three Keremeos businesses made significant donations.

Valley First’s Keremeos branch has surpassed the 6,500 pound mark in its collection of goods for the Feed the Valley program. The branch continues to push for donations in order to win a $6,500 prize to be awarded to the Valley First branch that collects the most food.

In May, Valu Plus teamed up with Valley First to provide donations to the Feed the Valley program by creating a means by which customers could donate their loyalty points to the Feed the Valley cause. Over the course of the summer, the store raised $565 dollars, which paid for 70 cases of food items, purchased at cost through Valu Plus.

Keremeos Variety used their quitting business sale to promote the food bank, offering points in their in store contest for donations of food. The store received more than 1,000 cans of food over a two week period.

Cawston Food Bank manager Ingrid Percival couldn’t thank the three businesses enough for their assistance. The food bank has been closed this month due to low food inventories, and the massive donations mean local residents in need shouldn’t have to go hungry as cooler weather arrives.