Cawston Hall society holds AGM

The Cawston Community Hall Society held their annual general meeting (AGM) on Tuesday March 19


The Cawston Community Hall Society held their annual general meeting (AGM) on Tuesday March 19

In her President’s report Doe Gregoire spoke highly of the many wonderful contributions and vigor that Kaaaly Levan had given to the Cawston Community Hall as a director. Kaaaly passed away in November 2012.

In the past twelve months the Cawston Community Hall Society has made significant upgrades to the bathrooms, lighting and heating system within the building. Doe Gregoire was thanked for her hard work and perseverance in obtaining grants from the Community Foundation of the South Okanagan and Fortis. The Hall Society also thanks RDOS representative, George Bush who allotted an increase in his annual budget for the Community Hall Society. Gerald Sanderson manager of the Cawston Cemetery, explained where a cremation area would be created at the cemetery. We thank the board of directors and the many volunteers who have contributed their support throughout the year to make these improvements possible and a special thanks to James Dupperon for his tireless work on the hall renovations.

Bob McAtamney gave a report on the newly formed ad hoc Cultural Committee to promote performance events at the hall and to network with other similarly minded groups in the valley.

There were several necessary changes to the constitution due to the fact that many of the bylaws were either archaic or no longer applicable to the function of the Cawston Community Hall Society.

The newly elected Board of Directors for 2013 is Doe Gregoire, John Hutchinson, Robert Mennell, Robert Charbonneau, Bob McAtamney, Elaine Stewart, and Cory Van Heck.


We are looking forward to another successful year at the Cawston Community Hall.