Area “B” OCP participants named

The regioinal distrcit board approved the members selected to make up the Official Community Plan (OCP) and Zoning Bylaw Review Committee in Electoral Area “B” at the March 3 board meeting.

The following people will be participating in Area “B”’s new OCP:

Bob Bergen

Dave Cursons

Pard Hogeweide

Al McCormick

Lesley Pendleton

Lee Vesper

Celia Bush

Tony Dawson

Kevin Klippenstein

Lee McFadyen

Donna Stocker

George Bush

Paul Dhaliwal

Gurpreet Lidder

Brian Mennell

Andrea Turner

The regional district board has never enacted an Official Community Plan in Area “B”.

At the July 8, 2010 regular board meeting the  board received the final report of the Stategy for  a Sustainable Similkameen Valley. The report contained a number of recommendations including:

– Undertaking a more extensive land use planning throughout the valley to appropriately manage and direct future growth.

– Provide greater integration of parks and protected areas, especially for their role in sustaining biodiversity and economic development.

– Provide greater integration of land use planning with strategic, economic, and social planning, and environmental planning, especially through integrating the means set out in this strategy.

It was resolved to support these recommendations through, amongst other things, the initiation of community planning in Electoral Area “B”.

In a July, 2010 survey conducted in the Cawston area, residents were 48.5 per cent in favour of initiating a community plan, with 51.5  per cent of respondents not in favour.