Tourist visits showing no definitive trend

Visitor counts fluctuate with summer season

Infocentre staff Colleen Christensen and Natasha Guenther.

Infocentre staff Colleen Christensen and Natasha Guenther.

If visitor numbers at the Infocentre are any indication, it appears that  tourism numbers are presenting a mix, rather than a particular trend in the Lower Similkameen  so far this summer.

Which, given the present dismal state of B.C.’s summer weather so far, is not surprising news.

June’s numbers saw visits by groups of people to the Infocentre down by 21 per cent over last year, with individual visits suffering a 17.5 per cent decline.

“May visits were up by seven per cent over last year,” commented Infocentre Manager Colleen Christensen, who operates the facility this summer with student hire Natasha Guenther, a recent SESS graduate who is off to Three Rivers University  in the fall.

As of last week, July visits were up from the same period last 33 visitors, from 488 to 521.

“We’re hearing that people are waiting for the cherries to ripen,” Christensen added, noting that the cooler weather has set the traditional harvest date forward.


Visitors to the Infocentre are coming from various Canadian provinces and Europe, with a handful visiting from American locales.