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Success is in the air, with the number of graduates from the Keremeos Learning Centre set to exceed five this school year.With regular high school Grade 10, 11 and 12 courses, students of all ages are able to accumulate the credits they need to graduate as adults, or to upgrade, for free.

There is no doubt that it is the team of dedicated people who ensure that the Learning Centre is a welcoming and comfortable place to learn. If you want to be challenged in computers or need math, talk to Steve. And if you really want to improve your  English, then you have to meet Sharron. Whatever your needs, one of our stellar teachers will support and help you along the way.

A recent article in the Chronicle made reference to shortages in the labour market, with employers looking for specific skills and qualifications from their employees. As baby boomers age and move on, these gaps are greater than ever. Many people already have skills and experiences which can be recognized through the Adult Graduation program. Immigrants to Canada, too, bring a wealth of knowledge, education and experience, much of which can be put towards a Grade 11 or 12, BC Ministry of Education approved course.

If you are considering going to college or post-secondary education, then YouLearn is the place to work on your pre-requisite courses. For example, if you are planning to study for your LPN (nursing), you will need to take Biology 12 and English 12. Many business diplomas require Accounting 11 and 12. All of these courses can be taken at your own pace through YouLearn.

At, students who want to learn a foreign language or English/ ESL, have access to the widely-used program, Rosetta Stone. This program guarantees results and is designed to teach you to understand, read, write and speak the language you are learning.

And for people who are looking to learn more about the rapidly changing world of technology, YouLearn offers a number of small group, teacher-led computer classes that are grouped at various levels and will provide a head start on learning skills to complete the course.

The Keremeos classroom is open Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 9 – 1:40. We are also open on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, from 5.40 – 8. Drop in or call and make an appointment, 250.499.0040.


-You Learn Press release