Lori Chortyk

Holidays can be hazardous to your pets

The holidays are a time for festive decorations and special treats, but some of these seasonal items can be
hazardous for your pets.

Hot dog: Pets in closed vehicles don’t mix well in summer.

“Dog days of summer” can be dangerous

it’s time to remind pet guardians across B.C. about the serious consequences for pets left inside cars on hot days

Hot dog: Pets in closed vehicles don’t mix well in summer.

Litter and garbage present a threat to wildlife

Whether they eat it, get entangled in it or are poisoned by it, wild animals are injured or killed by garbage every single day

Good things come in small packages

Last year, a friend “gifted” me a furry little hamster that her downstairs tenants had left behind when they moved.

BC SPCA launches lost and found site

Each year the BC SPCA reunites more than 13,000 lost animals, including many in the South Okanagan - Similkameen

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