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An obsession with canals

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Product of Canada

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Observing a star’s demise

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Alien worlds made of diamonds

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Orphan worlds

Life on Earth could have been much different as an orphan

Dawn on an asteroid

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Cosmic compost

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Into orbit

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A matter of gravity

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Galactic cannibals

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The Moon’s influence

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In the early hours you will see Jupiter shining brightly in the Southeast. Further towards the south, close to the boundary between the constellations of Capricorn and Aquarius, lies the planet Neptune.

Shuttle program successful despite problems

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Progress: lighter and cheaper


Matter and Antimatter


Out of the dark age

In the 1930’s, Monseigneur Georges LemaÓtre proposed that the universe was once…

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How do you deal with making sense of data describing a large…

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When we refer to the “power” of a telescope, many think we…

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Many astronomy books describe the Sun and other stars as “big balls…