Year: 2011

Board focus should be on necessities
A debate that has already gone on for two meetings related to where the regional district should spend roughly 4.2 million dollars

Staff Writer / November 23, 2011

Guards protest B.C. prison conditions
B.C. needs more prison guards to protect against a rising number of assaults in crowded jails, their union says.

Tom Fletcher / November 22, 2011

B.C. wants teens signed up to vote
B.C.'s new chief electoral officer wants to extend voter registration to 16-year-olds while they are in high school.

Tom Fletcher / November 21, 2011

Earthquake rocks the South Okanagan
Residents of the South Okanagan may have been shaken out of bed early today after a small earthquake rocked the area.

Steve Kidd / November 18, 2011

Natural gas vehicles catching on
With gasoline and diesel prices soaring, truck fleet operators in B.C. are discovering the benefits of converting to natural gas.

Tom Fletcher / November 17, 2011