Year: 2011

More at stake than land
An estimated one quarter of a million cubic feet of topsoil has now been excavated at the corner of Pitt and Stewart Roads

Wire Service / December 14, 2011

Bridging the generation(s) gap
At eighty-six years of age, Jack Broderick’s knowledge of firearms allows him to connect with youth.

Contributed / December 13, 2011

Donations to cadets
Keremeos Legion donates to local cadets group who are fundraising for a trip to Ottawa

Steve Arstad / December 13, 2011

New roof for the White House
Progress in preserving the Keremeos Grist Mill and Gardens Historic site continues

Contributed / December 13, 2011

Robbery at Keremeos Subway
Cawston man has an appetite for trouble as he holds up two food outlets

Steve Arstad / December 8, 2011

BC Ferries appoints new president
BC Ferries' board of directors has appointed senior executive Michael Corrigan to replace outgoing CEO David Hahn.

Tom Fletcher / December 6, 2011

new mayor in parade
Keremeos new mayor takes part in light up parade on Friday

Wire Service / December 6, 2011