Keremeos Review moving operations to Penticton

Keremeos Review moving operations to Penticton

There are some changes happening at The Keremeos Review, but the most important thing is remaining the same.

The staff will continue to serve readers and advertisers under The Review banner with the same attention paid to editorial excellence and customer service that the community has come to expect.

The Review storefront, on 7th Avenue, will be closing this week while staff will work from The Penticton Western News office.

“Most people are aware of the various changes and challenges in the newspaper industry,” said Black Press Group Publisher Shannon Simpson. “One of the realities of our business today is that smaller papers sometimes cannot keep an office open and still produce the paper the community deserves. Consolidating operations is becoming a common way of dealing with this reality.”

Editor Tara Bowie will still be in the community on a regular basis covering the news, he said, and advertising sales representative Sandi Nolan will continue to serve her customers.

“For most of our readers and business partners nothing will change,” said Simpson. “Tara and Sandi will each have direct phone lines in Penticton and will be very accessible.”

All word classifieds ads will be sold out of Black Press’ classified ad center that has a 1-866 number, while Sandi continues to handle retail ads, classified display ads like employment, and family announcements such as obituaries and memorials.

A small handful of customers who pick up there newspapers at the office each week will receive their papers in the mail like the majority of subscribers and The Review will continue to be available for sale in local retail stores.

“The Review has a very strong brand in Keremeos and a remarkable market penetration,” said Simpson. “We are pleased to be able to find a business model that will ensure the paper’s success.”