SESS student Quinn Hunter poses with the tragically chocolate drenched school vice-principal Naryn Searcy. Pie-ing the VP in the face earned a lot of money for the school’s PAC at the first ever carnival night. (Quinn Hunter photo)

Carnival craze takes over school

The school in Keremeos held it’s first ever carnival to raise funds for the PAC.

There’s nothing quite like throwing a pie at your vice principal’s face.

Good sport and Similkameen Elementary Secondary School’s new VP Naryn Searcy took a few whip cream pies in the face for a good cause.

“It was good,” Searcy said with a laugh and some whip cream and chocolate sauce still in her hair. “It’s all for a good cause.”

A carnival was held at the school Thursday night to raise money for the school’s PAC and it’s general operating fund.

The PAC helps offset costs for sports teams, band trips, theatre productions, and sometimes buys capital projects like the new scoreboard.

Pick up a copy of the Oct. 19 Review for more photos of the event and to learn more about the SESS PAC.