Penticton artists Jan Little (left) and Jenny Long (right) have opened a new studio and gallery space on Main Street. Submitted photo

Local artists open studio and gallery

Jan Little and Jenny Long are pleased opened their new studios and gallery in Penticton

Well known Penticton artists Jan Little and Jenny Long have opened their new studios and gallery in Penticton.

Little Long will be a hive of artistic activity. They have also invited four other artists to have studio spaces at their gallery located at 374 Main St.

“I am very excited to have a community of artists working here together where the public can see paintings in progress not just finished work in the gallery,” said Little.

At Little Long there is a teaching space where a variety of art classes will be held regularly. And, in addition to paintings being for sale, there will be artistic wares including limited edition prints, handcrafted jewellery, apparel and other goods available.

“Our venture is not typical in the Okanagan art landscape. We want the public to not only come in as consumers, but to see and participate in the creative process,” said Long.

Little is a realist oil painter whose work tends to focus on character, often with humour.

“I believe my job is to make the world more beautiful and to show the beauty that exists in places and faces where we may not expect to see it,” said Little. “Ever since art school, I have been dreaming of making art again in a collaborative space with other working artists. I wasn’t really looking to open my own contemporary gallery and working space, but then I found Jenny. We work so well together and, as a team, our dreams seemed to manifest fluidly.”

Long is best known as an abstract expressionist painter and is a well known art teacher.

“We are inviting people in to see what inspires us and we are hoping to inspire in people the importance of creativity. In a consumerist world, we want to share the opportunity for others to become creators. Rather than just taking in the art, people can discover that they too have a voice, a hand in creating content,” said Long.

The pair said they are putting their “hands and hearts” into something they love. They invited the community to create with them.

Little and Long Studios and Gallery is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.